There is a known issue of noticeable lag on the Epson Brightlink 595wi interactive projectors when playing DVDs or streaming videos online. Originally we thought it may be network speed and the incapability to carry that much data without latency, however that isn't the case. This is a working/active issue but you may find a resolution in these troubleshooting suggestions. Please provide feedback as you all are power users of the hardware and therefore soon-to-be experts of the devices =)

  • Try closing other apps that may be slowing down your computers performance. This includes internet browsers with several tabs open which may be hogging precious data.
  • If available, disconnect wireless and connect using a wired connection (USB, HDMI).
  • Lastly, try adjusting your Brightlink's performance settings. Follow the steps below.

Adjusting Performance Settings

1.  Open Easy MP Projection App.

2. Click  [Set Options]

3. Navigate to the [Adjust Performance] tab and use the slider to adjust the performance of your Brightlink's video output. A general rule of thumb for this and essentially any digital media output is: 

Faster Performance = Less Quality

Better Quality = Slower Performance.