Check the Volume?

Make sure the volume turned up. Turn the volume wheel located on the control panel of the SMART board clockwise to turn up the volume. If you have a defective control panel (you would know), then use the remote control to turn up the volume. Did this resolve the issue? If not, keep reading.

Check the Speakers

1. Make sure the speakers are turned on. Find the on/off switch locate on the bottom of the speaker on the right side of the SMART board. Toggle the button's position. Did this resolve the issue? If not, keep reading.

2. Check to make sure that the speakers are plugged in. There should be two power cables coming from the SMART board. One for the board and one for the speakers. Sometimes this can come unplugged. If it is out, safely plug it back in. Did this resolve the issue?

Check Your Connection

The sound is sent through the USB cable that connects your computer to the SMART Board. 

1. Make sure the USB coming from the SMART Board is plugged into your computer. Sometimes by unplugging and plugging back in the USB cable it resets the connection. Did this resolve the issue? If not, keep reading.

2. Make sure the USB is securely plugged into the SMART Board. On occasion, student curiosity may lead to a cable coming unplugged from the board itself. These are usually easy to spot. An unplugged usb will be seen dangling just below the center of the front control panel. Plugging it back in will require getting on hands and knees and we suggest your contact your local DSA

Check Your Computer's Settings (Mac)

1. Click the Apple (top-left corner)

2. Click 'System Preferences'

3. Click the 'Sound' icon

4. Select the 'Output' tab, then make sure that 'SBX 880' is selected.

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If none of these troubleshooting methods resolve the issue. Please submit a ticket to our HelpDesk for further assistance.