Download stuff:

Vue.js dev console box. You can see all the data that is moved around when you click stuff:

Node: Don't ask questions about node versions ... its complicated but it makes a bunch of sense get the LTS 6.*

(optional) Livereload chrome extension: When you change anything in the code it will automatically change on the web browser ... essential for css / frontend work

(optional) NiM that can grab changes in --inspect and auto loads the node inspector

  1. Go to bitbucket repo LXM and clone the repo in your directory with git clone <repo>
  2. Go to your git directory with the LXM repo
  3. Download the .env file from team password 
    1. Go to team password 
    2. go to "Env file for LXM -Dev" 
    3. Copy the contents in the description
    4. Make a new file in your root directory
    5. Paste the contents into this file
    6. Save as ".env" no name just the extension and not as a text file. May need sudo power to get it done.
  4. Adjust the .env file for local components
    1. Grab service account key
    2. save the json file in a good location on your computer
    3. grab the path put it in Google Application credentials in the .env
    4. Sent email recipient to your email
  5. npm install
    1.  if you want auto restarts "npm install -g nodemon" then "nodemon"

  6. node index
  7. go to
  8. Login to Jira to get issues:
  9. Optional: Use atom editor! (, These are some good packages to use
    1. atom-beautify
    2. language-vue
    3. language-vue-component
    4. platformio-ide-terminal
    5. svg-preview
    6. rest-client
    7. git-plus