*If you are already logged in, skip to step 4

1- Turn on the display and make sure the correct source is selected to display the Chromebit screen. Please sign out if another user is logged on.

2- You will then be taken to the log in screen. Please enter the following credentials: (password is case sensitive)


Username: frontofficechrome@ingeniumschools.org

 Password: AZPMT5wQ@y8b%*MX

3- Once correctly signed in, you will see the Chromebit desktop

4- To join the board meeting, please click on the link below:


5- After you click the link, you will now be joined in the board meeting. Press the play button if the stream does not automatically play.

6- Leave a SIGN OUT directing any parents to call in during the PUBLIC COMMENT agenda item if they are wanting to make a public comment.

Public Comment
can be heard during the public comment
agenda item by dialing the conference line.
(Please note your comments will be recorded in the webinar)

Dial-in number: 781-448-4995

PIN: 75772

7- When the board meeting is done, please always remember to sign out. If you run into any other issues, please contact our IT team: techsupport@ingeniumschools.org