It's important to sign into Google Chrome using your account because:
  • Signing into Chrome helps you keep your personal Gmail account separate from your Ingenium Gmail account (very helpful!)
  • Signing into Chrome makes it easier to use Google services, like Gmail, Youtube, and Maps, since you'll only need to sign in once from your browser.
  • Your settings and data are synced to your Google Account. Your Chrome settings are saved and synced to your Google Account. That way, your saved settings will be available when you sign in to the same account on another computer or device.
  • If your computer is stolen or broken, you can get back your history, settings and data, likes bookmarks, apps, extensions, and themes just by signing in to Chrome again.
  • Customize your Chrome. Set your homepage and startup page to make Chrome more relevant to you.
  • Changes to Chrome will sync right away. If you've signed in to Chrome on multiple devices and have sync turned on, any changes you make to Chrome on one device happen on the others, too.
Here's how to do it:

  1. Click on the PERSON icon on the top of your Chrome Browser. If you are already logged in with your personal account, your name will already appear here. 

    In this case, user "Pagasa" is logged in (Mac screen)

    Or...if no one has ever logged into Chrome you'll see this:

  2. Click "SWITCH PERSON"

  3. Click "Add Person" in the Dialog Box

  4. A new CHROME BROWSER WINDOW will open with a login screen - Enter your Ingenium credentials and click Sign In

  5. Click on "LINK DATA" - This ensures that all your settings, bookmarks, customizations, etc. sync with Google Chrome. This way, if you have to change computers or log in to Chrome with a different computer (e.g. your home computer or personal computer), all your settings will be available. Please note that nothing from your personal GMAIL account (if you have one or are logged into Chrome with your personal account) will be stored within Ingenium Servers - this option only syncs your Ingenium Google Account.

  6. If you would like to switch between different users, click your name again and choose "SWITCH PERSON"

  7. You can choose your personal profile or add another user. This will open a new browser with a different name.