It has come to our attention that there is a little bit of confusion regarding trackers in Mastery Connect where co-teaching is involved. We determined that making a change in PowerSchool would cause some issues down the line and would ask that you share trackers as collaborators.

Here's how it works:

The primary teacher (the teacher listed as teacher of record in PowerSchool) will have access to the original tracker. The tracker will then be shared with a collaborator (the Co-Teacher). As a collaborator, you will have access to the tracker as one of yours and will be able to add mastery grades to standards, add assessments, and do anything else you'd like with the tracker.

How do I know I'm the Teacher of Record or the Co-Teacher?  You'll know you are the primary teacher if when you attempt to create a tracker, you don't see the option to "Import Students from SIS" (see screenshot below).

Here's what you'll need to do:

The primary teacher will need to initially create the tracker first and then add the additional co-teacher as a collaborator.

As the Teacher of Record, you'll create and share your tracker:

  1. Create the tracker: Go to Trackers > Add Tracker
  2. Fill in the new tracker information and choose Import students from SIS as well as the Class you will be importing students from. Once you click "CREATE TRACKER" your tracker will be created.

  3. From the dropdown hamburger menu, select "ADD COLLABORATORS"

  4. Start Typing the Name of the New Collaborator in the space to find the user. Select the user and click "UPDATE"

  5. And you're done with sharing.

As the Co-Teacher, you'll open up the shared tracker:
  1. Now, as the Co-Teacher, log into Mastery Connect and Navigate to Trackers > Collaborating On. You should find the shared tracker there:

  2. Click on the tracker name to view the tracker.

  3. You now have full access to the tracker and can Co-Teach the course.