1. Log into Schoolmint (as superadmin)
  2. Click Application Index
  3. Click Search
  4. Click Export as CSV / XLS
  5.  Save as "STUDENTAPPSMMDDYY.csv"
  6. Open file in Excel
  7. add column upload_date
  8. fill down upload_date column current date in MM/DD/YY format
  9. Save file
  10. Open BigQuery (ingenium_schoolmint)
  11. Locate ingenium_schoolmint schema
  12. Click down-arrow and select "Create new table"

  13. Completed a load before? If you've completed a load before successfully, you can Select Previous Job from Repeat Job menu and it will load the previous configuration, otherwise go to step 14. If you're not sure, continue anyway.

  14. In the dialog select your CSV file and the following options.

  15. Insert the following in your schema configuration

  16. Set the following options: (Ensure append to table is selected)

  17. Click "Create Table"