Ingenium's Paycom - 0ZH49

The Paycom app puts the power of Employee Self-Service technology on your mobile device


Whenever and wherever you need it, your personal employee data is accessible here, including past and present paystubs.

Download the Paycom app from your phone

Once you have downloaded the app:

Enter your username: 0ZH49 + Employee ID 

     Example: 0ZH491234


Enter your password and Last 4 digits of SSN

Check the box "Enable Quick Login"

Click "LOGIN"

On all phones, you'll be asked if you would like to set up a PIN for easy access to login

On new versions of iPhones, you have the option to use Face ID 

You'll be asked the answer your security questions.

This will only be used one-time or when you download the app on another phone. When you login the next time, you will not be asked again.

If your security question requires you to enter a MM/DD (month/date), please include the forward slash

      For Example: 08/29

You are now in Ingenium's Paycom

To login again, you will have multiple options 

Face ID or PIN Number & Login Page for username

If you have any questions or need additional support, please submit a ticket