For context and reference please review:

For more details on this process.

CLICK to view video in full screen

You will be prompted for approval via email.

Basic information is shown on a card in the email. As well as an action button. Click the VIEW NOW button to respond to the request.

Alternatively, you can enter KissFlow directly via the home button... open the "My Tasks" link on the left panel.

Click on the Arrow to be taken to the PO / Invoice you will be approving.

Please review the GENERAL PO / INVOICE DETAILS provided as part of the PO / INVOICE.

Vendor information is provided for you as well.

Click the EXPAND button to expand the table to full screen.

Purchase order / Invoice items are the line items that are listed as part of the purchase order. Please take a moment to review the Item Description, the unit price, the quanity and the total.

Additionally, if you are able, ensure that the purchase line item is tagged to the proper finance codes. If they are not, simply double click to edit the codes. For more information on the codes, please contact Finance & Accounting via a helpdesk ticket.

Please note that later on in the process, these codes are double checked by the F&A department for accuracy, if there is an error, they will send it back to you to fix or fix it on your behalf.

After you have completed your review, you have the following options:

Save: will save any changes you have made, but will have no affect in moving this PO forward.

Send Back: allows you to send it back to the PO initiator (aka the person who created this PO) - If you press "Send Back" you will be asked to provide a comment back to the Initiator. Use this in instances you'd like the initiator to provide more information or make changes to the PO.

Reject: completely rejects the PO request and stops the process. You will not be able to continue with the PO approval and this PO will be marked rejected.

Approve: provides your approval to the PO and moves the PO to the next step in the process.

Once approved you will be taken back to the feed.