What is KissFlow? 

Kiss Flow is a Business Process Management App. This app will automate many of the functions that relate to business processes at Ingenium: for example, finance and accounting, purchase orders, invoice approvals, etc. In the future other processes may be automated using this app.

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How do you access KissFlow?

You can access KissFlow by going home and click the Kissflow ICON.

To log in simply use the Sign in with Google button.

Alternatively, if you need to act on a process (for example, approving something, you will be prompted via email notification. Simply click the blue call to action button to be delivered directly to your action item.


When you enter KissFlow, you see the Feed. Any process you may be involved in will appear here, along with actions other people have taken and the statuses of an item in that process.

In the feed you can enter status updates to everyone in Kissflow if you wish, much like a social network

On the left menu you have the following buttons:

Home: returns you to the initial page with the feed in the center. 

My Tasks: brings you to any tasks you have pending (for example if you need to approve an item)

My Items: brings you to all the items you have started in KissFlow

Processes ("Most Used")

The next area are the processes that are shared with you. In this example we have 4 processes, depending on your role in the organization you may have a different number. To access any of the items, simply click on it. To start a new process, click "New Item"

Notifications Icon and MyProfile

A notifications icon appears as a bell on the top menu bar. A badge will appear notifying you if there is an action you need to take. The badge will disappear after you have read the notification.

Finally, clicking on your picture allows you to update your account information in My Profile

You can also set your notification preferences here as well.