1. Optionally, if you would like to view the current availabilities of conference rooms, please visit the conference room calendars here.
  2. Go to your calendar at http://calendar.ingeniumschools.org
  3. Create an event as you normally would.

  4. Click "More Options" to open the detailed event editor.

  5. After you have entered any necessary details, click the ROOMS tab.

  6. By default you will see rooms that are available for the time you have selected. Note the capacity of the room is listed below the room name. Click to select the room.

  7. Selected rooms appear in the Guests / Resources column:

    As well as the Location field

  8. Click Save to Save your event AND book your room.

  9. Your event will appear on the conference room calendars here as well as the conference room display when your appointment occurs:

  10. Note: The system will not allow double-bookings.