Hello! Welcome to Ingenium. Please take a moment to complete the following online trainings. Click on a link to learn more.

Dr. Jay Aguda, Chief Information Officer 888.660.6736 ext. 1020

  1. Log into CHROME!

     Experience all of Ingenium's full environment by logging directly into Chrome browser. You'll be missing out if you're using a different browser, or are logged into Chrome with your personal email address.

  2. Lost? Go Home! 

    Learn more about how to get to our Intranet sites and how to get around the various common Ingenium links using the Home Button!

  3. Add your new Gmail Signature. 

    When you send emails, it's important to get that signature on your emails!

  4. Check out our Tech Care Plan.

    Need a quick refresher on how to use that copier or that desk phone? You'll find it here.

  5. Add your site's Google Calendars. 

    Need to know what's going on at your site? Add the official master calendars

  6. Get to know our helpdesk! 

    What happens when something techy goes wrong? Check out our Knowledge Base for solutions...or submit a support ticket for additional help!