Welcome to Ingenium's Paycom - 0ZH49

Visit Paycom.com in the Employee Self Service window

Please check your email for your temporary password from Paycom. If you didn't receive an email, check your SPAM folder or submit a support ticket to payroll@ingeniumschools.org

On the top right hand corner, click on "Login", and select "Employee"  This will take you to the Employee Self-Service page.

Enter your username:  0ZH49 + Employee ID

     Example: 0ZH491234

Enter the temporary password from Paycom's email

Enter the last 4-digits of SSN 

Click "LOG IN"

You will then be asked to update your password, and click "UPDATE PASSWORD"

You'll receive a notification your password has been updated. Click "Continue"

You will then register 5 Security Questions. Choose a question from the dropdown menu. Type in your answer. Click on "NEXT STEP"

Review your security questions and answers (take a screenshot and save for your record). Click on "REGISTER MY SECURITY QUESTIONS"

You'll receive a notification your security questions have been registered. Click "CONTINUE TO MENU"

You will ask if you want to receive paperless form. Once your make your selection, click on "SAVE"

You have now registered.

Don't forget to download the Paycom app from your phone.

Visit the support article: How to access to Paycom app from my phone?

If you have any questions or need additional support, please submit a ticket http://support.ingeniumschools.org.